20 July 2022

Best Jaguar I-PACE Alternatives 2022

Jaguar is synonymous with luxury and precision engineering – which is why there’s no surprise that its all-electric offering, the I-PACE, is proving a big hit with drivers looking for comfort and style.

But with delays in car deliveries and shortages of components causing havoc in the industry, getting your hands on the right one for you could prove challenging.

So, are there any alternatives that stack up against the Jag’s road presence and luxury detailing?

You’re in luck! Below, we delve into some of the best alternatives to the Jaguar I-PACE. Plus, we also look at how each model compares regarding performance, economy and price.

Polestar 2

If the name Polestar doesn’t sound familiar, you’ll certainly have heard of its parent brand Volvo. These models are the Swedish car maker’s all-electric sibling, and they’re making waves by taking on favourites, such as Tesla. So, how does it compare to the I-PACE?

On the outside, the Polestar 2 has swathes of Scandinavian design. The shape differs from the Jaguar in that it’s more of a taller hatchback than a crossover. But that doesn’t deter from its sleek lines and striking road presence.

Coming up against the I-PACE for the interior is no mean feat. However, each offers a different take on luxury. Jaguar certainly looks plusher, but in contrast, the Polestar carries modernity into the cabin and provides generous room for passengers. Polestar’s tech features a responsive large touchscreen within the dash, whereas the I-PACE has three smaller screens.

Performance comparison

The Polestar 2 has a dual-motor similar to the I-PACE and just comes behind the Jaguar in the 0-62mph sprint at 4.7 seconds. In the range-topper models, you get a Performance Pack that includes Ohlins adjustable dampeners to improve the ride. Polestar also has a single motor option, which gets to the 62mph mark in 7.2 seconds.

Economy comparison

The range of the Polestar 2 is where it comes into its own. The current claimed mileage is an impressive 341 miles compared to the I-PACE’s 292 miles. For the size of both cars, this range is ideal for all journeys, including long jaunts. 

If you’re looking for a luxury car that charges overnight, the Polestar pips Jaguar’s I-PACE to the top spot. At a standard wall box, it’ll recharge in around eight hours. However, the Jaguar needs nearly 13 hours to give you maximum power.

Price comparison

There’s quite a stark difference in pricing between the two models, but that comes down to the spec you choose. The Polestar starts with cheaper options in the standard range, but with all the bells and whistles, you can expect to pay up to £853.99 a month. The I-PACE, however, starts at £846.99 per month.

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Volvo C40 Recharge

Another alternative to the I-PACE comes from Polestar’s parent brand, Volvo. The C40 Recharge has everything you can expect from the Swedish car maker, including great design and state-of-the-art tech.

Its external shape is similar to the I-PACE, but overall it’s smaller. However, if you want a sportier vibe, this model is a great choice.

Moving inside, the C40 Recharge again has a sportier finish with comfortable seats, but, if you have any tall passengers, they might find it a snug fit due to reduced headspace.

Performance comparison

Another thing drivers love about the Volvo C40 Recharge is its incredible acceleration capabilities. It’s nearly on par with the I-PACE with 4.7 seconds from 0-62mph. And both cars provide a fun and comfortable ride, even around town.

The top speed is 112mph, and while the I-PACE offers more, both are ample for UK roads and motorways.

Economy comparison

You’d think because the C40 Recharge is smaller compared to the I-PACE, you’d get more range, but that’s not the case. Instead, you get up to 274 miles between charges, so up against rivals, it’s slightly lacking. However, it’s adequate for commuting and shopping trips, especially if you love its torquey responsiveness.

Like other models, this SUV will take around 40 minutes with a fast charger, but it’s an overnight job if you plug it in at home.

Price comparison

Another plus point for the C40 Recharge is that it’s cheaper monthly compared to the I-PACE. Starting from £567.99 per month and going up to £777.99 a month gives you a great saving. However, it could be a toss-up between paying extra for more range and a little more luxury.

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Tesla Model S

As far as luxury, range and performance go, the Tesla Model S rises to the challenge, and then some compared to the I-PACE.

On the outside, it’s quite different to the design of the Jaguar as this sits in the saloon/crossover class. As a result, the styling isn’t as striking as the I-PACE’s signature classic lines and presence. However, when you step inside, you’ll find Tesla’s renowned huge touchscreen display and unique steering wheel (you can change it if you want!).

Size inside is no issue either, as the minimal aesthetic opens up a roomy and comfortable space for the driver and passengers. Boot space is also surprisingly larger than the I-PACE.

Performance comparison

Behind the demure exterior, driving it is an experience in itself. Acceleration is instant, and because there’s no start button or hand brake, all you need to do is put it in Drive and go. The car comes with different driving modes, and if you’re feeling brave, Ludicrous Plus mode will undoubtedly put a smile on your face. Of course, reaching 0-60mph in just over two seconds is all part of the fun. Plus, its smooth ride and quick responses make the experience even better.

Economy comparison

Tesla is renowned for its range capabilities, and the Model S is no exception. There are a variety of figures depending on the model, but overall, a claimed range of 396 miles leaves its rival in the dust.

Owning a Tesla gives you access to its Supercharger public charge points which power up the vehicle to around 80% in just over 40 minutes. Of course, you can also use the three-pin plug and charge at home, but it’ll take about a day and a half.

Price comparison

Unsurprisingly, you’ll be paying a bit more for the extra range and impressive performance compared to the I-PACE. For example, leasing deals start at £1,043.99 per month.

Mercedes Benz EQS

Mercedes-Benz has consistently featured in the top spots for luxurious rides. Going up against the I-PACE is its electric sporty saloon/hatchback, the EQS.

Its exterior design creates a striking road presence with arching lines going from front to back for a distinctive look. Inside, there’s tons of high-spec tech to immerse yourself in, and the upholstery is luxurious, with metallic accents complementing its modernity.

The dash is possibly one of the most desirable features of its interior. Three screens stretch along the whole dashboard, which Mercedes name the Hyperscreen. Everything can be controlled from this touchscreen with ease.

Performance comparison

This model isn’t as quick off the mark as the I-PACE, but it holds its own against other rivals for its size. Performance is perky, as the motor delivers 568Nm of torque instantly with a 328hp electric motor, giving you a powerful and smooth drive.

Economy comparison

If you want a luxurious car that tops the charts for range, then the EQS is your new best friend. This model claims up to 453 miles between charges, and for each of those miles, you’ll be riding in comfort.

You can expect to reach around 80% at a fast-charging point in just over 30 minutes. However, if you’re plugging in at home, you’ll have to wait about 17 hours to charge its huge battery fully.

Price comparison

As you can imagine, this type of luxury and range comes with a more expensive price tag compared to the I-PACE. Leasing deals range from £1,506.07 to £2,491.04 per month, depending on what model you choose.

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At a glance




Price (monthly cost through Leasing Options)

Jaguar I-PACE

0-60mph – 4.5 seconds

Top speed: 124mph

Up to 292 miles

From £846.99 - £981.99

Polestar 2

0-62mph – 4.7 seconds

Top speed: 127mph

Up to 341 miles

From £483.99 - £853.99

Volvo C40 Recharge

0-62mph – 4.7 seconds

Top speed: 112mph

Up to 274 miles

From £567.99 - £777.99

Tesla Model S

0-60mph – 2.4 seconds

Top speed: 200mph (depending on model)

Up to 396 miles

From £1,043.99 - £1,609.99

Mercedes Benz EQS

0-62mph – 6.2 seconds (depending on model)

Top speed: 130.5mph

Up to 453 miles

From £1,506.07 - £2,491.04

*prices subject to change

*Performance and economy figures shown are averages and are subject to several factors, including vehicle model, driving conditions, speed and optimum charge rates.

If you’re looking for the ideal alternative to the Jaguar I-PACE, the above models are great options for performance, drivability and economy. For more information on what car could work for your lifestyle, contact our team on 0161 516 2430 for details.

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