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Jaguar I-Pace Car Lease


Jaguar’s first all-electric vehicle available is so much more than just another premium crossover; it’s the best all-electric car available to lease today. A bold statement? Sure, but not remotely untrue.

Unlike every other car Jaguar has made, the I-Pace comes with only one powertrain option, comprising twin electric motors delivering 394bhp and 694Nm of torque, supplied by a 90kWh Lithium-ion battery built from 432 individual cells. It affords a range of 298 miles on a single charge, according to WLTP test cycles.

With just the one power train available, the difference between each variant comes down to the three available trim grades of S, SE and HSE.

On the road, the Jaguar is a hugely enjoyable drive. Putting your foot down delivers incredible amounts of seamless acceleration, delivering what you want, when you demand it. Yet, feather the accelerator and you’ll roll off the line, smooth and easy.

One very useful feature is its regenerative braking abilities. By harnessing energy through braking, the battery range is added to during stop-start journeys. The power-harnessing technique has the knock-on effect of slowing the car down gradually, even to the extent of coming to a complete stop, something known within the EV industry as ‘one pedal driving’.

Charging the car with a domestic 7kW wall box takes around 13 hours for a 100% charge from flat, or 10 hours to reach 80%. Plugging into a 50kW charger will see the 80% reached in a mere 85 minutes and by using a 100kW socket you’ll see that drop to just 40 minutes. If you just need to briefly boost your range, you can get an extra 62 miles on just a 15-minute charge from a 100kW charger.

Whichever Jaguar I-Pace lease deal you choose, at Leasing Options you’ll be getting the best possible price thanks to our Price Match Promise. And, if you require any assistance, our friendly customer service team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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