09 November 2022

Best BMW iX Alternatives 2022

Could the BMW iX be the future of SUVs? Well, it certainly has a shot at the top spot. There’s no denying the German car manufacturer has packed this huge electric vehicle with innovative tech and luxury details. It’s even got a hexagonal steering wheel because the traditional style is so last season.

However, what strikes people first about the BMW iX is not that it’s fast or spacious – it’s what it looks like. Yes, BMW has gone a little out of the box with this SUV, but it has tons of appeal and a slightly futuristic vibe.

That said, its popularity and supply issues caused by everything going on of late could mean it’s challenging to get hold of one. Don’t worry, there are a few alternatives that could turn your head.

Check out some of the top contenders that go up against the BMW iX in driveability, performance and range.

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Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar is renowned for prestige and refinement. So, trying to fit this into an SUV design was always going to be challenging, especially when trying to impress die-hard Jag fans. However, the brand has made a great impression with the I-Pace.

On the outside, you get the styling and design appeal that we know and love from Jaguar. Plus, if you’re looking for an SUV with more classic lines rather than space-age style, this is a great choice. The cabin has more of the same prestige with luxury upholstery and modern brushed aluminium accents.

Instead of having one sizeable sweeping screen like the BMW, Jaguar showcase three smaller displays that control sat nav, climate control and the like. In contrast, the BMW has a more tech-heavy feel upfront, but it’s nonetheless impressive compared to the I-Pace. The only downside of the I-Pace, while spacious, doesn’t quite have the same backseat room for passengers as the iX – but it’s more than comfy for two adults in the back.

Performance comparison

You could think you’re driving a sports car in the I-Pace as it handles like one. It has two electric motors that give instant torque, getting you from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. However, the iX does just pip it to the 60 mark with its M60 version at under 4 seconds.

Economy performance

With all that power and speed capability, you’d expect it to get through its battery pretty quickly. However, the Jaguar I-Pace might surprise you. The brand claims this SUV provides up to 292 miles per charge. It might be a bit less on an average drive, but it’s still ample for its size and oomph. This is around the same as the entry-level iX, but if you want more, its iX xDrive50 model boasts a whopping range of up to 380 miles!

Price comparison

Both SUVs have impressive comparable features, and the price is another. However, the Jaguar I-Pace comes out slightly cheaper, starting at £819.99 per month compared to £863.99 per month for the iX.

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Mercedes Benz EQC

If you’re looking for subtle styling with an abundance of class, the Mercedes EQC is the ideal SUV.

The road presence of the Mercedes logo speaks for itself. Mix this with smooth lines and a fluid front end, and it takes everything up a notch. Inside is much the same vibe – understated and stylish. There are also a few neon-blue accents added for good measure. On the dashboard, the infotainment system has a dual screen similar to the GLC. It’s intuitive and packed with everything you could need, such as voice control, sat nav and Bluetooth connectivity.

Size-wise, the EQC is pretty roomy, but the BMW iX just beats this once again for passenger space. Boot space also comes out the same in each model at 500 litres – plenty of room for luggage and shopping.

Performance comparison

Unsurprisingly, the EQC is fairly peppy once you put your foot down. The two electric motors provide instant oomph, taking you from 0-60mph in just over five seconds. Similar to the BMW, it has grippy handling due to its four-wheel drive system and provides a comfortable ride whether you’re heading into town or munching the motorway miles.

Economy performance

Compared to other large SUVs and its rival, the iX, the Mercedes does fall short in range. But it’s still pretty reasonable. The brand claim it offers up to 255 miles per charge, but it’s likely to be a bit less in real-time driving. If you run the battery flat, you’ll also have to wait around 13 hours for a full recharge at home. But at least that beats the iX’s 16-hour wait.

Price comparison

The Mercedes EQC has many fantastic features, which is why it commands a slightly higher leasing cost, starting at £920.99 per month. However, depending on the model, you could get similar features for a small saving with the iX.

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Audi e-tron

For drivers that want to blend in with any other driver on the road, the Audi e-tron does just that. This SUV has all the hallmarks of the brand but doesn’t quite shout about its electric credentials as much as, say, the iX.

Its exterior looks much like other Audi SUVs, but once you sit inside, you get a slice of the brand’s innovation into the electric age. Up front sits three digital screens with high-tech functionality. They’re much less imposing than BMW’s curved panels. So, it could be a toss-up on which you prefer.

Driver and passengers enjoy a comfy ride as you’d expect, and the design level is modern and plush. Just like the iX, this SUV is roomy. Three adults can sit in the back without feeling snug, and boot space top that of its rivals at 660 litres. Under the bonnet, you also get a small storage area, which is ideal for your charging cable. 

Performance comparison

Again, Audi provides an SUV with sports car-like performance. Instant torque and great handling see its power through to 60mph in just over five seconds. This model also has an S mode, which provides more power in bursts. So performance-wise, it’s in similar standing to the BMW. Plus, the 400hp makes it feel swift once you put your foot down.

Economy comparison

For its size, the range is reasonable. But it doesn’t quite hit the mark compared to the iX. Audi claims a range of up to 252 miles, ample for trips around town and the daily commute. With less range, charging also takes less time. An overnight boost of nine hours will give you a full charge.

Price comparison

What it lacks in range, it makes up for in price. Starting at £711.99 per month, the Audi e-tron offers a spacious, comfortable and stylish ride for less money than the iX. This SUV offers an ideal transition into the electric car market.

Tesla Model X

The Model X is often deemed space age due to its minimalist styling and innovative tech. But, some might say, it looks somewhat tame compared to the iX. However, this is the model for you if you’re looking for toned-down looks but tons of tech and power.

While the outside is quite simplistic, the ‘Falcon Wing’ rear doors certainly make up for it. Moving inside, the minimal look continues. But on the dash sits its substantial 17-inch touchscreen, which basically controls the whole car. Another bonus of the Model X is space. It comes in five, six or seven-seat versions, and the rear doors allow everyone easy access. There’s plenty of room for a comfortable ride for everyone too.

Performance comparison

This model comes in two models – Long Range and Performance. Both have 100kWh batteries and a four-wheel drive. However, if you’re looking to zip past the iX on the 0-60 sprint, then the Performance version will take you there in under three seconds. The Long Range model isn’t far behind either at just over four seconds.

Economy comparison

Tesla is known for its range, and the Model X is no exception. The brand claims you can travel up to 351 miles per charge. However, the Performance version wipes a few of these off, although it’s still possible to get over 300 miles before you need to top up.

Price comparison

All that tech and power does come at a higher price compared to the iX. Leasing costs start at £1155.99 per month. So, you’ll have to weigh up whether the extra is worth it!

At a glance




Price (monthly cost through Leasing Options)


0-62mph: 4.6 – 6.1 seconds

Top speed: 124mph

Up to 380 miles (depending on model)

From £863.99

Jaguar I-Pace

0-62mph: 4.5 seconds

Top speed: 124mph

Up to 292 miles

From £819.99

Mercedes Benz EQC

0-62mph: 5.1 seconds

Top speed: 112mph

Up to 255 miles

From £920.99

Audi e-tron

0-62mph: 4.4 – 6.6 seconds

Top speed: 124mph

Up to 252 miles

From £711.99

Tesla Model X

0-62mph: 3.8 seconds

Top speed: 155mph

Up to 351 miles

From £1155.99

*prices subject to change

*Performance and economy figures shown are averages and are subject to several factors, including vehicle model, driving conditions, speed and optimum charge rates (electric and hybrid cars).

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