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ABS, a dust and pollen filter, electro-hydraulic PAS, and electric front windows are just some of the features you can look forward to in the Toledo. There’s room for 5 adults and a decent fuel return of 46.3 mpg too, and with one of our Seat Toledo contract hire options you’ll be able to drive one away sooner than you think.

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If you’re a practically-minded family buyer on a supermini budget who really needs the kind of space you’d find on something much bigger, then you’re target market for this car, SEAT’s Toledo. With space for five, durable build quality, low running costs and an enormous boot, it offers a lot of car for the money.


There are no pretensions here. This car’s motoring remit is to get you and your family reliably, safely and comfortably from A to B – no more, no less. You probably won’t be approaching your first run around the block with any real expectations of out-of-the-ordinary levels of driving enjoyment and you won’t get it.

Having said that, there’s relatively little not to like. You won’t have much trouble getting to grips with the clean, uncluttered controls, all-round visibility is excellent and both steering and gearshift feel direct and positive.

On the move, there’s nothing particularly enjoyable about the way this Toledo goes about its business, but most likely users don’t seek that in an affordable five-door family car. In any case, there are plenty of other attributes on offer that target users will probably value more highly. They might find the ride a little on the firm side of comfortable but they’ll very much like the narrow body that makes parking and road width restrictions easier to negotiate aided by simple switchgear that, thank goodness, features a proper conventional handbrake. Everything you need, in other words, and nothing you don’t.

There’s a SEAT-specific front end with its broad, angular headlamps and slender trapezoidal front grille. A smart, clean but rather conventional shape, it’s actually not very conventional at all by class standards, at around 4. 5m long and under 2m wide significantly longer but slightly narrower than the family hatchback class norm.

Raise the wide-opening tailgate and you find yourself looking at a simply enormous boot. Though the damper mounts and wheel arches intrude a little from the sides. And it’s a versatile space too, with space below the boot floor and the option of bag hooks and storage boxes behind the wheel arches.

At the wheel, the design is clean, functional but not particularly exciting, with many of the surfaces quite hard to the touch and things like the unlined storage bins suggestive of budget brand pricing. Still, everything is nicely laid out and seemingly built to last and there are plenty of useful nooks and crannies, including a slot for your parking tickets. A ‘V’-shaped centre console rises up from the footwell to the main dashboard and houses both ventilation and stereo controls. Through the three-spoke wheel you glimpse a large, clear twin-binnacle instrument display. Nothing then to especially catch the eye, but everything perfectly in its place.

‘It’s all the car you need’. SEAT’s description of this Toledo may well ring true for a large number of the older buyers and practically-minded family folk it’s aimed at. If you’re not part of that demographic and want something with a little more aesthetic and dynamic sparkle, then you may struggle to see the appeal. Even then though, it’s difficult to argue with the Spanish brand’s contention that this car delivers an awful lot for the money.

Of course, this SEAT can claim exactly the same attributes. Users will tend to be enthusiasts for life rather than for cars – people, you could argue who, like this car, have their priorities right where they need to be.