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The current MINI is now in its third generation under BMW stewardship. It’s a genuinely sporty compact that allows for a seemingly endless degree of customisation. Both stylish and a blast to drive, there are few rivals that let you have this much fun for relatively little financial investment when you are looking to lease.

Growing exponentially over the years, it’s still recognisably a MINI with a familiar shape to the grille, headlights, ‘floating roof’ and rear lights – although those are much wider than previous incarnations. In fact, there’s no chance you’ll mistake it for anything else, as the 2018 revisions made to the car include a set of Union Jack-style rear LED lights.

Inside, MINI has created an interior that’s interesting to look at with plenty of design cues that hark back to the original car, but also housing a huge amount of modern technology that you’d expect to see in much bigger, more expensive cars thanks to its parent company BMW.

Ordering your new MINI is simple; you simply pick from one of three petrol engines - One, Cooper and Cooper S - followed by a trim level; Classic, Sport or Exclusive. There is a range of efficient and frugal petrol available, along with manual and automatic transmissions.

Taking the regular MINI Cooper S a (significant) step further is the potent MINI John Cooper Works (JCW), available in three-door only.

A significant selling point for the MINI has always been how well it drives compared to both the competition and the model it replaced. Despite being fun to great fun to drive, there’s no escaping the fact it’s also mature with greater evidence of comfort and refinement than previous iterations.

Whichever MINI Hatchback lease deal you choose, at Leasing Options you’ll be getting the best possible price thanks to our Price Match Promise. And, if you require any assistance, our friendly customer service team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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