Hyundai IX20 Lease

We think the IX20 is a very stylish little car. It is very pleasing on the eye and offers a real, solid choice for your new hatchback. Backed by Hyundai’s 5 year warranty and with some superb standard features, it is a model that should definitely be in your thoughts when choosing your new car. If you think it’s right for you then get in touch today to discuss our Hyundai IX20 car leasing options and contract hire choices.

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Hyundai’s ix20 doesn’t look like any kind of people carrier but it’s been designed to compete in the growing supermini-MPV segment. And compete in such a way as to offer the kind of design flair, sound engineering, build quality and value proposition that will leave rivals looking square, utilitarian and out of touch.

There are plenty of people shopping for this small but very clever class of car. The ix20 aims to be the smartest and most sought after of them all.

Why don’t people buy more supermini-MPVs? Though a growing market niche, this is still a marginal one that’s usually forgotten, yet if you took something like the Hyundai ix20, they’d be pleasantly surprised. For the same kind of money, you get more space, flexibility, value – even arguably better looks. Supermini-MPVs like this make sense.

One of the reasons people like MPVs, even if they’re as compact as the ix20, is the high-set driving position that gives the driver a commanding view out through large windows that contribute to the bright and airy cabin ambience. The well proportioned seats are comfortable and supportive and I also like the logical and intuitive control layout, plus the way the instrument cluster’s back-lit dials, sunk into stylish, reflection-killing cowlings, are clearly calibrated and easy to read.

The steering’s light, the 6-speed gearbox a little notchy – but all the really important family-friendly road going attributes are in place. Chassis tuning designed for UK roads means that it’s a breeze to drive around town, more refined and smoother over urban undulations, and with well controlled bodyroll.

Early supermini-MPV designs look very boxy alongside this Hyundai. Come to think of it, so do some of the more recent ones. The design team behind this car decided that such squareness was making supermini people squeamish, creating a boxy persona that made the jump from supermini to supermini-MPV motoring too great a one for mainstream drivers to contemplate. So you get curvy looks that are part of a design language the stylists rather pretentiously refer to as ‘fluidic sculpture’.

You’d expect a practical downside though wouldn’t you? ‘Fluidic’ curves are never going to hold as much as a squared-off box. Or are they? Lift the tailgate and with 440-litres of space on offer, there’s almost twice as much space as you’ll find in rival models that most people choose in this sector. When you fold the split-folding rear backrest forward, a motion that moves the cushion forward and down at the same time, which results in a perfectly flat load space ideal for swallowing big boxes. A neat feature is the adjustable boot floor which can be set at sill-level to make it easier to slide luggage in, or you can lower it down to accommodate taller items. I also rather like the ‘secret’ storage compartment under the boot floor for hiding valuables.

At the wheel, it’s nicer than you might be expecting, bold in its design and well assembled from quality materials. There are leather coverings for the steering wheel rim and gearknob, the nice fold-up driver’s armrest, smart gloss black and alloy-effect trim on the centre console and door inserts and a surprisingly convincing chrome-effect finish on the door handles, it gives the interior a remarkably up-market ambience, Hyundai’s designers aren’t afraid to express themselves artistically. The speaker grilles and the seat pattern for example, echo the leaf-inspired design of the front grille.

Such attention to detail continues in the back seats, where the accommodation on offer is not only thoughtfully laid-out but also remarkably spacious and practical for a car measuring only just over 4-metres in length. Hyundai loudly proclaims that, thanks to sliding rear seats, you’ll find more rear cabin space than in the back of larger models.

Once again, Hyundai has produced a car that offers stylish, economical motoring in a package that also provides impressive passenger space and luggage-loading ability for its compact size. Some rivals are a bit more engaging to drive, but the ix20 counters that with tighter pricing, higher equipment levels and lower running costs. It's a very attractive and well thought out package.