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The Citroen C3 is now just as quirky as iconic models from the French firm’s past, boasting novel features that help it stand out.

Inside, comfort is the calling card of the new Citroen C3, while the interior is funky and stylish and the view out for the driver is excellent, too. You’ll be able to find a really good driving position, thanks to the standard fitment of a reach and height-adjustable steering wheel.

You can now choose between three different trim levels – Feel, Flair and an Origins edition. All C3s come well equipped with the likes of a seven-inch touchscreen, DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

There are two petrol engines, both three cylinder units and measuring 1.2 litres in capacity. The 82hp version is naturally aspirated, while the 109hp version is turbocharged. The former comes with a five-speed manual gearbox as standard, while a six-speed is offered on the latter. A six-speed automatic is an option with the 109hp engine.

There is one 99hp diesel engine which is punchy enough to prevent the car from struggling at speed. This engine does 0-62mph in 10 seconds exactly, which is respectable and more than sufficient to keep up with traffic.

The Citroen C3 has benefitted from a system called Citroen Advanced Comfort, which includes making the car easy to use, easy to see out of, giving it heavily padded, comfortable seats and yes, still giving it pretty soft suspension. This copes well with bumps around town and is rewarding enough through a twisty back road.

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Citroen C3 Review

Citroen’s third generation C3 supermini has a much more distinctive style this time round, with quirky looks, a very individual feel and even the option of a clever dash cam camera. Ultimately, there’s nothing really revolutionary on offer but as a complete and highly personalisable package, it’s desirably different.

Small French cars used to ride beautifully, grip tenaciously and flow from corner to corner with relaxed, unflustered motion. It may come as news to some motoring journalists but most supermini drivers don’t routinely want to throw their cars about as if they were on stage from the RAC Rally. What most of them would prefer is a model that rolls the red carpet over the average appallingly surfaced British road. It’s all down to the way that the fairly conventional suspension set-up has been tuned, though the downside of that is inevitably extra body roll through the bends. Stay with it though and you’ll find that there’s actually more grip and traction on offer than you might think.

Beneath the bonnet, the third generation model carries over the engines used in the final versions of its predecessor, the bulk of the range built around an efficient PSA Group 1.2-litre three cylinder petrol PureTech unit developing either 68 or 82bhp in normally aspirated form or 110bhp if it’s been fitted out with a turbocharger. This pokiest powerplant manages 61.4mpg on the combined cycle and 103g/km, plus it’s the only unit in the range to be offered with an auto gearbox option. If you can justify the premium for diesel power, two 1.6-litre BlueHDi units are offered, developing either 75 or 100bhp.

At last, Citroen models are starting to look unique and different once more. In 2014, the brand’s C4 Cactus model started that trend and this third generation C3 continues it with a look that according to its maker is ‘distinctively offbeat’. The styling’s certainly unusual, all fluid curves and muscular flanks, with a stance that’s almost SUV-like. Get a version that’s all colour-kitted out and you’ll really be making quite a supermarket statement.

Time to take a seat inside. We’ve mentioned the ‘ConnectedCAM’ camera that sits behind this rear view mirror, allowing owners of plushly-specified C3 models to share road trip photos and videos directly with friends and family. But there’s much more than that to set this cabin apart. The designer luggage-themed over-stitched door pulls for example, the retro-style instrument dial graphics, the intricately-fashioned chrome-trimmed vents, the door bins with their unusual contrast-coloured interiors, there’s even a ‘reverse Airbump’ theme happening on the doors and the speaker grilles. It all attempts to continue the cheery demeanour established before you got in.

Time to take a seat in the rear. Once you’re inside, it’s quickly evident that this isn’t one of the more spacious superminis in the segment. The room on offer will be fine for kids of course, but adults stuck behind reasonably tall compatriots up-front may well struggle a little when it comes to room for their legs and knees.

But then how often is it really necessary to transport burly adults for any real distance in a supermini? Almost never. For the role that a car like this will typically be asked to play in an average family, what’s provided here will, for most buyers, be probably quite sufficient.

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the boot. Lift the tailgate and after the relative restrictions of the rear seat, it’s something of a surprise to find that the 300-litre space provided is one of the larger cargo bays in the supermini segment.

All of which leaves us…. well where? From an objective point of view, this C3 is one of the best cars in the class. Subjectively, though, you could easily argue that there’s nothing in this segment to touch it. It all depends on how you view the automotive world. We think this C3 makes it a brighter place.

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