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Citroen C3 Car Lease


This French-made supermini is packed with style and personality, making it one of the noticeable cars in its class. Like many Citroen cars, the C3 is efficient, reliable and eye-catching, with the trademark Airbumps too. This is a car that really stands out, but won’t break the bank. Browse our latest Citroen C3 lease deals and find out just how affordable this clever car can be.

Inside the Citroen C3, it’s all about comfort. The seats are cosy, soothing you through journeys, and the suspension is set up to ease your way from A to B, rather than offering the sort of sporty performance of some rivals. That said, a high driving position makes commuting round town enjoyable and easy, if not thrilling, and overall the C3 is a real pleasure to drive. Practicality is decent for the class, with manageable rear space and a larger boot than some competitors.

Standard kit on the base model includes DAB radio, cruise control and Bluetooth connectivity, plus there’s the option of an integrated dash cam, which is incredibly useful in the event of an accident.

If you’re looking for a supermini that’s got loads of character but is a sensible choice for many reasons, then the Citroen C3 lease could prove the ideal option. We’ve got plenty more affordable hatchbacks and compact cars in our full range of car leasing deals – check them out now.

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