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Discover the frighteningly quick flagship SUV from BMW's X Series with competitive car leasing offers on the BMW X6 M today.

The 'M' division sometimes would be better designing nuclear rockets; ones that go up into space and not along strips of tarmac. However, if they were to do that, we wouldn't have experienced some of their finest creations such as the M3, M5 and now the BMW X6 M.

Standing out from the crowd, the X6 M contains the ferociousness of a bull, in a china shop, on steroids, being taunted by midgets in cowboy suits. But seriously, the 'M' stands for Motorsport, BMW's long established racing division and offers amazing control as it hugs the road through any myriad of tactical corners.

Beating at the very heart of this behemoth SUV is the fully-revised and re-engineered 4.4ltr twin-turbo V8, producing a staggering 575bhp and a tarmac-shredding 533lb ft of torque. Unbelievably quick off the mark, the X6 M can reach 0-62 in just 4.2 seconds, with little or no issues.

Featuring a host of technical innovative systems that help the X6 M to defy any law of Newtons, such as an active anti-roll system, adaptive dampers, torque-vectoring differentials that cleverly transfer power to whichever corner requires it the most and massive bespoke tyres, you can certainly appreciate the level to which the X6 will deliver a unique driving experience.

Find out more about the amazing contract hire and car lease opportunities now on the BMW X6 M by calling our team for further details.

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