BMW X4 Lease

Taking on the might of the Porsche Macan and Range Rover Evoque, the new BMW X4 is an appealing 4 door SUV that offers a smart and technology packed cabin, together with robust and rugged equipment, providing today's motorist with refinement that can take a good knock or two. Powered by a series of diesel-only engines, it's clear to see that BMW X4 leasing is the choice for those looking to cover fair distances.

Sprightly performance, great handling and a host of standard features mean that comfort and luxury go hand in hand, even on the least expensive model. Boasting as standard the xDrive all-wheel drive system, off-road capabilities are well proven too. Contact us today to discuss our latest BMW X4 lease deals.

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BMW X4 Lease

The BMW X4 is certainly an interesting take on fashionable family motoring, an avant garde compact SUV you’d want to be seen in. Given that BMW’s X3 - the car this X4 is based upon – is arguably the sportiest offering in the premium-badged compact SUV segment, you might approach a drive in this model with quite high hopes, armed with the knowledge that it has a lower centre of gravity and springs that are about 15% stiffer.

Point it down a fast, winding road and your smooth, flowing progress will be imperious, aided by xDrive all-wheel drive traction that inspires enormous confidence.

The BMW X4 is mellow and easy on the eye. It is a design that’ll prove popular with those desiring a BMW of this sort but wanting something a bit less staid and suburban than an X3. If you want it to make even more of a statement, check out the options list.

This X4 is more muscular and agile-looking, especially at the front where large air intakes and strong character lines in the front apron visually lower the centre of gravity and aim to signal the sharper dynamics. It’s an effect that BMW has tried to further enhance with the foglamps sited below the signature twin headlamps.

In profile, the coupe-like roofline reaches its highest point over the front seats before dropping gently down towards the trailing edge of the boot lid. The stylists have re-interpreted the traditional BMW swage line that sweeps down the flanks, splitting it in two just below the back door handles to accentuate the powerful sculpting of the rear wings. Contoured C-pillars, strong shoulders and a broad and low-set rear end all complete a fashionable effect.

The slinkier looks can lead to practical compromises and one can’t help looking at the sweeping rear tail section and wondering about the compromises that might involve for the headroom of rear seat occupants, well in the event, there aren’t really any to make because BMW has positioned the back seat 28mm closer to the ground than it would be in an X3. It also helps that the ceiling has been gauged out to good effect and that there are reasonable standards of leg and kneeroom for this class of car. Against the odds, adults will be comfortable in the back– provided there are only two of them. Though you can in theory fit three people across the bench, in practice you’ll only be doing that if you’re carrying kids.

In the boot the standard automatic tailgate raises slowly open and the swept-back styling has slightly reduced the carriage capacity of this car though not by too much, the figure reduced from 550-litres to 500-litres in the X4.

The X4 has substance to its proposition – especially when it comes to efficiency, quality and low running costs. It’s reasonably spacious and practical, maybe not quite the sharpest dynamic contender in its segment but it’s still an astonishingly rewarding steer for something based on SUV underpinnings. Yes, there's an element of compromise in its packaging but the world would be a dull place if we only bought cars on a pragmatic basis. File this one under 'unexpectedly likeable'.