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BMW M6 Lease

Whether choosing the convertible, coupé or the top of the line grand coupé, the BMW M6 is a phenomenal vehicle in all guises. Outstanding performance, merged successfully with exceptional quality and precision, the M6 delivers perfectly. Browse our latest BMW M6 lease deals to find out more.

This amazing vehicle offers the driver big road presence, thanks to the superb aesthetics and special touches. The wide, solid stance, LED headlamps, 20inch alloys, electric powered front seats and of course the brilliant performance featuring a powerful 4.4ltr twin-turbo V8 that can deliver up to 592 bhp when choosing the Competition pack.

As with any luxury automobile, options such as soft-close doors, individual climate controls for passengers and driver make for a hugely relaxing interior. Speak to one of our account managers to discover the awesome driving experience awaiting you with BMW M6 leasing.

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BMW’s M6 offers a real alternative to more exotically-badged supercars with searing speed, sleek styling and an engine that has few peers. BMW may one day build something to directly rival an out-and-out driver-focused sportscar like Porsche’s 911 but until it does, their M6 will suit many well-heeled drivers very nicely thankyou.


If you must have the ultimate BMW, then this is probably it.

It’s tempting to think of this model as nothing more than a coupe version of the M5 saloon. After all, it shares the same 500bhp V10 engine, much of the same M Sport technology and, as a result, pretty much the same performance figures. BMW say different, pointing out that this car has small but significant changes that give it an extra dose of driver focus, a fractionally shorter wheelbase, 50kgs less weight, wider and more aggressive tyres and a centre of gravity that’s lowered by 6cm thanks mainly to its gorgeous carbon fibre roof.

True enough, this car is a slightly sharper tool than an M5, especially if you specify the Competition Pack option. For a couple of extra grand, you get Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres on wider rims and lowered suspension front and rear, with the ABS, stability control and M Differential settings altered to suit. Like the existence of the M6 model itself, this option is BMW’s attempt to move this top 6 Series model closer to Porsche’s 911 and further from the Jaguar XK and Mercedes SL rivals that would otherwise be its natural competitors. In truth, it sits somewhere in between, more focused than, say, a Jaguar XKR but not a car you’d choose for regular trackdays. For regular trips to your own private test track in the South of France though, it would be just about perfect.

No car I can think of better combines Grand Touring comfort with out and out performance aggression, qualities summed up by the standard 7-speed SMG sequential manual gearbox. Performance purists would prefer the M3’s conventional stick shift (that isn’t offered) but the Munich engineers discovered early on that this mighty V10 engine doesn’t really deliver without seven ratios to help keep the engine on the boil: it only really gets going between 5,000 and 7,000rpm after all. You can use the SMG like a conventional automatic but it feels a bit jerky if you do. Or you can play with the shift modes so that they range between silky smooth or racetrack brutal.

As with the M3 and M5 models, there’s an Mdrive management system that enables you to set the car up to your own preferences or the type of driving you’re going to be doing, just like a raceteam would set up a racecar. So you can pre-select specific settings for the Power button, the SMG gearbox, the DSC stability control system and the EDC electronic damper control that offers ‘Comfort’, ‘Normal’ and ‘Sport’ settings. And in the twisty stuff? Well, it’s not quite a 911 but it gets closer to that car than anything with over 300kgs more to carry around has any right to, courtesy of brilliant body control and prodigious grip from the fat tyres. The steering isn’t quite as involving as you’d find on a Porsche but it’s the next best thing. Same with the meaty brakes that stop you from 70mph in under 37m in just 3s. And what Porsche can’t match is this car’s clever Head-up Display which projects speed and revs onto the bottom of the windscreen to keep your attention firmly on the road ahead.

Whereas you have to look twice at an M5 to see if it’s the real thing and not just an M Sport-trimmed 5 Series, there’s none of that with this M6. This car looks much more muscular than other 6 Series models but the overall effect isn’t outrageous. A deeper front valance houses air intakes for the engine and brakes, plus there are swooping sill finishers and a rear valance that incorporates a diffuser. Plus of course, there’s that hi-tech carbon fibre roof with its natural-weave finish. Other small but significant touches have also been added to emphasise that this is no ordinary 6 Series: outside, the four telltale rear exhaust pipes. Inside, the red needles on MSport dials.

As you’d expect, it’s all carefully built, with leather trim for the dash as well as the sports seats and beautiful Alcantara headlining to finish things off. The rear seats won’t suit adults on longer journeys but they’re OK on shorter ones and much more practical than those you’d find in a 911. The same goes for the 450-litre boot capacity, though that drops substantially if you go for the Convertible model.

Many people’s ideal supercar would be one that they could tail-out slide on a trackday, then cruise across Europe in afterwards. For them, this M6 will be perfect. Not everyone likes the SMG gearbox and it consumes fuel at a frightening rate but hey, we all have to pay for our pleasures.

So how will history remember this model? Well, it’s desirable enough to make far more expensive supercars seem silly and pointless, with a glorious engine and a very special feel strong enough to make it a real Porsche or Maserati alternative. It’s that good.

BMW M6 Lease