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The Citroen Relay is a spacious van and one of the largest from the Citroen range. This Citroen Relay business van lease has the following features included such as, EBA brakes, Bluetooth connectivity and much more. With Leasing Options, there is also the option available for you to add additional features to your Citroen Relay van leasing vehicle including rear enforced twin leaf rear suspension, 260 degree opening rear doors and cruise control.

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Citroen Relay Review

Citroen’s Relay is the brand’s much improved contender in the large LCV segment and on paper, this certainly looks to be a van that can. It claims the highest payloads in its sector, along with class-leading load-carrying practicality and low cost of operation. Equipment levels are also superior to those of obvious rivals. In other words, it aims to score in the areas that really matter to business users.

So what’s it like to drive? Well, for a start, there’s a big climb up into the cab, which means that the driver has great panoramic views of the road ahead. Beneath your right foot, you’ve a choice of three common rail HDi four cylinder 16-valve 2.2-litre diesel engines. First, there’s a 110bhp model, or you can choose the version which develops 130bhp. There’s also a 150bhp version of the same engine.

Conventionally-styled this van is not. Instead, the Relay has the kind of front end which draws your gaze this way and that. The headlights and front grille have been re-styled for this improved model, inspired by the current range of Citroen cars, with large chevrons that blend into the chrome strips on the nose.

Inside the cab, the design is less dramatic than that of the exterior but it is thoughtfully executed. A fresh additon for the improved MK2 model Relay is a 5-inch dash-mounted touchscreen infotainment display screen which makes the vehicle feel more modern inside. Build quality isn’t quite as solid as some pricier rivals but it all feels built to last, with plenty of thought given to day-to-day usability.

A great deal of emphasis has been placed on rendering the Relay as user-friendly as possible which is why Citroen offers a choice of four lengths, three wheelbases and three roof heights.

Let’s start with the headline stat that most operators tend to look for first – load volume. At the bottom of the range, the smallest short wheelbase standard roof ‘L1H1’ model will give you 8.0m3. At the top of the range, an ‘L4H3’ variant that has both the ‘extra high’ roof and the ‘extra long’ wheelbase would give you a massive 17.0m3.

Perhaps though, you’re more interested in the length of loads you’ll be able to carry. Well, pretty much everything you can think of will probably fit. Load lengths vary from 2670mm in the smallest ‘L1H1’ variant I mentioned to a huge 4,070mm in that ‘L4H3’ range-topper.

With that sorted, we can talk payload, an area where Citroen reckon this design has a key advantage. Even the least capable Relay model, the smallest ’30 L1H1 derivative’, can manage 1,155kgs of weight, while the most capable ’40 Heavy L2H2’ variant can deal with an impressive 1,995kgs.

On to running costs. These will naturally be determined by your choice of HDi diesel engine and whether or not the variant you have in mind can be specified with a stop and start system that will cut the engine when you don’t need it, stuck in traffic or waiting at the lights. If it can’t, then your combined cycle return in this vehicle will vary between 37.7 and 41.5mpg if you keep a close eye on the dashboard gearshift indicator as you drive.

The longer service intervals the improved model gets are set quite generously at up to two years or 30,000 miles dependent on operation and you get a flexible warranty that’s either two years with unlimited mileage or three years with up to 100,000 miles.

And in summary? Well it’s true that build quality still isn’t quite a match for more expensive competitors, but it is much improved. Ultimately, there may be more desirable large panel vans out there, but few make more sense than the Relay. If you thought all big LCVs were the same, perhaps it's time you concentrated on how manufacturers really differentiate their products. On that score, Citroën's done a great job with this model. It deserves your attention.

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