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The Mercedes-Benz Citan has impressive driving dynamics and is ideal for a city van lease. This Mercedes-Benz van comes equipped with adaptive ESP brakes and a seatbelt warning indicator, plus much more. With Leasing Options, you also have the option to add extra features to your Mercedes-Benz Citan business van lease including, a folding cargo grille at B pillar, an ultrasonic reversing aid, we all as a choice of colours for your Mercedes-Benz van.

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Mercedes Citan Review

The Citan is Mercedes’ idea of what a compact van should be. An LCV that’s more than just practical and efficient to run but one with a depth of engineering and a sheen of quality that make the right statement about your business. Potentially then, the ideal recipe for a small business with big aspirations.

This van may be based on quite a number of Renault underpinnings but with a Three-Pointed Star on the grille up-front, it needed to ride and drive like a Mercedes. In fact, its on-the-road demeanour is so different from that of its Kangoo design stablemate that it’s difficult to believe that the two models are in any way related at all. The ride, steering and gearshift quality in the Renault are all soft and vague, you only need drive a Citan a few yards down the road to realise that things are very different.

Let’s start with the ride, firm but not unpleasantly so, thanks to changes made to the damping and stabiliser bars, you could actually imagine quite enjoying punting this vehicle through a few of your favourite backroad bends once you’d dropped off your load, although doubtless, it would be a little less effervescent when loaded up to its payload weight. The preciseness of the Mercedes Direct Steering set-up helps here too, responding in a way that’s a world apart from the sort of high-effort gritty feel you come to expect in a small van. Instead it delivers supple, polished feedback that’s really not too far off the kind of thing you’d get in a Mercedes A-Class, offering low effort when manoeuvring and a bit of reassuring heft at higher speeds. The turning circle is decently tight, rated at 12.2m – or as little as 10.1m for a short wheelbase Compact model.

Drive is directed to the front wheels whichever model you choose, and, though there was no auto transmission option offered at launch, such is the crisp, clean shift action of the manual gearbox, that’s no great hardship. You’ll like the high-mounted gear lever too, which falls perfectly to hand. You have to stretch up to the pokiest 110bhp 111 CDI model to get the stick with six-speeds. That top diesel variant uses the four cylinder CDI diesel you’ll find further down the range – in 75bhp guise in the entry-level 108 CDI Citan and, in 90bhp form in the volume 109 CDI model

The Citan may be the smallest van ever to wear a three-pointed star but it’s still a confident-looking thing and aesthetically. Indeed, the front end could only be from a Mercedes, a V-shaped bonnet flowing into big powerful clear-glass headlamps flanking a large, arrow-shaped grille with a prominently displayed chrome-plated star in its centre. Below, a trapezoidally shaped air intake in the bumper emphasises width and adds an extra dose of attitude. It’s all a long way from the usual rather apologetic school of compact van design. Here, you sense, is a vehicle that wants to assert itself.

The rear end is distinct too, with cleanly defined one-piece tail lights under clear red glass that feature a pattern of bright and matt chrome-plated lines. Ultimately, this is all about Mercedes trying to impose its personality on this vehicle

The Citan gets a purpose-designed dashboard that wraps around the driver and is surfaced in an attractive leather-like grain. The chunky three-spoke wheel is bespoke too, through it, you view a clear set of typically Mercedes-style precisely-drawn instruments, featuring a trip computer with fuel consumption, range, time, servicing and temperature read-outs. It’s all neat, functional and beautifully presented – and a lot of effort has gone into making it so. The brand has its own distinct design standards for dials, buttons and switches, covering everything from lettering font size to ease of use and minimum allowable panel corner radius. All this may be fastidious, but the end result it creates has a distinct feel of Three-Pointed Star.

You might wonder whether this vehicle can be specified with the kind of optional three-person front bench that some rivals offer. Of course, if the transport of people rather than packages is a key consideration for you, then the Citan range can certainly oblige, either with a ‘Dualiner’ model offering a fold-out three-person rear bench and partly-glazed sides, or a fully-glazed ‘Traveliner’ variant with a conventional five-seater passenger car arrangement.

Thanks to the Citan, Mercedes-Benz is now a full-range supplier in the van class, covering the entire LCV spectrum from urban delivery runabout to large-capacity load lugger and dealing with everything from 1.8-tonne to 7.5-tonne permissible vehicle weights. This compact model will transform the brand’s fortunes in the commercial segment.

It’s all very premium – all very Mercedes. And all evidence of how, in most of the ways that really matter, the Citan can really deliver.

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