They haven't always sold well here in the UK, but there are signs that us Brits are finally falling in love with pickups. There were record sales of commercial vehicles across the board last year, but the fastest growing sector was the pickup which saw an uplift of 18% year on year. It's not just tradesmen getting involved either, with rugged SUV-style looks, practicality and improving fuel efficiency figures, maybe your next car could be one of these fantastic vehicles. In August we'll be concentrating on these workhorse carriers with road test reviews of some of our favourites throughout the month, in the meantime we think these are the best pickups for 2017.

Nissan Navara

After 20 years on the road, the Navara has more than proven its rugged credentials. Nissan's tough pickup deals with pretty much anything you could throw at it work-wise, but still provides the practicality required day to day and is able to ferry passengers round in comfort. The refinement of the interior stands out against competitors and with Nissan's five-link rear axle driver's can expect much improved car-like handling too. This is undoubtedly the best Navara yet, and a serious contender to be the best pickup available now, take a look at our latest lease deals below.

Nissan Navara Lease Deals

Mitsubishi L200

One area that pickups can don't set the world alight is fuel economy, but with engine technology improving all the time, those mpg figures keep climbing. With its powerful new engine the L200 offers impressive towing and carrying capability but delivers best in class fuel economy too. Mitsubishi's pickup is a real all rounder. This is a great looking vehicle, with plenty of equipment as standard, that delivers power efficiently and can do it all off-road or on it, to browse our latest prices on this brilliant vehicle click below.

Mitsubishi L200 Lease Deals

Toyota Hilux

Next year Toyota will be celebrating the Hilux's 50th birthday, this is a pickup that has conquered the world, or certainly at least Europe, where it's the best selling vehicle in the class. So how do you improve when you're already at the top of your game? On the latest model Toyota have tweaked the steering so handling is now better than ever. You'll also notice a more refined ride, as well as comfort in the cabin that'll make you think you're in a car. There's good reason this is consistently the most popular pickup around, click the link below to find out more.

Toyota Hilux Lease Deals

Ford Ranger

The Ranger might be big, tough and more than a match for its rivals off road, but Ford's pickup has a sensitive side too. This is the first pickup to pickup five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test ever. This big beast has cutting edge safety kit, including autonomous driving features, and comes with seven airbags even on the standard model. Ford's pickup also offers best in class off roading, but where the Ranger really excels is carry serious amount of cargo, if you need to get a load from A to B you won't be disappointed. For more details about this technology-packed pickup click below.

Ford Ranger Lease Deals