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The Citroen Nemo is an idealist choice for a business van lease and is available at Leasing Options. This Citroen Van has a service indicator and a radio/ CD and mp3 player included, plus many more. There are also additional options available for your Citroen Nemo van leasing vehicle including a ladder frame bulkhead, an alternator and a front passenger airbag.


A very compact van with very big ideas, Citroen’s Nemo proves that small can be beautiful for business. The very smallest vans you could buy used to be either superminis with blanked out windows or small car chassis with metallic cubes bolted on the back.


Though conventional supermini vans remain, there’s much more interest in purpose-designed small vans. They share the same platforms and engines but can carry much more. There was a market for these small vans, prompting Citroen to create a much more modern design badged respectively as the Citroen Nemo.

Citroen were less keen to use the same 1. 4-litre petrol and diesel powerplants you’ll find in Citroen small cars, developing 75 and 70bhp respectively. These are usefully more frugal than the larger 1. 6-litre units you’ll find on the bigger Berlingo models – and not much slower. Though the likely low urban mileage this vehicle will cover (plus the availability of dual fuel and bio fuel options) might tempt some operators to save a few pounds on the purchase price and choose the petrol version, choose the diesel model and you can see why most businesses don’t. With 160Nm of torque (over 40Nm more than the petrol unit), it has the low-end muscle that drivers like for getting their payload smartly off the line.

This van’s extra pulling power comes into its own around town, meaning that you’re less likely to feel the need to row the thing along with its chunky dash-mounted 5-speed gearbox lever. If you want to avoid the need to do that completely, there’s a ‘SensoDrive’ semi-automatic transmission option. The Nemo grosses at 1,700kg which ensures that it is subject to car speed limits instead of the more onerous ones imposed on commercial vehicles exceeding the two tonne breakpoint. Plus you could tow a braked trailer grossing at 600kg.

For urban use, operators will be pleased to find that all Nemos have the accurate power steering and tight turning circle that’s needed when space is tight. That means just 2. 8 turns lock-to-lock, enabling a 10. 0m kerb-to-kerb turning circle rising to 10. 5m wall-to-wall. On the open road, body roll is well controlled, as are noise levels, but the ride is a bit choppy on uneven surfaces. You'll find ventilated disc brakes at the front, drums at the rear, and ABS and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution are both standard features, though ESP stability control sadly isn’t.

The Nemo has been designed with the urban environment very much in mind and has been decently screwed together. The wheels are pushed to the corners of the vehicle to maximise interior space and manoeuvrability, while keeping the van compact and wieldy. The substantial wrap-around bumper protects against parking knocks and expensive components like the headlamps, bonnet and radiator are set well back to lessen the chance of them coming to harm.

The interior of the Nemo will feel a little confined to those familiar with full size compact vans but there’s reasonable space for driver and passenger. The driving position is upright and affords a good view of the Nemo’s surroundings with the seat and the steering wheel offering a good range of adjustability. Cab stowage space for oddments is less generous than in models from the next class up but with 12 compartments to choose from, there should be room for most of the essentials. There’s even the option of a folding dashboard desk.

If you’re looking for a compact van, don’t dismiss an LCV of the Citroen Nemo’s size out of hand until you’ve tried one and checked out whether it really could cope with your likely everyday use. You could easily find that it’s a better option than the slightly larger mid-sized Citroen Berlingo sized LCV that you might otherwise have chosen. It’ll certainly be significantly cheaper to run.

As to whether the Nemo is a better bet than its design stablemates, well that’s a more difficult call, they all benefit from the same excellent design. The Citroen’s diesel engine is slightly slower but it is also slightly greener.

The smaller end of the Citroen van range offers more choice than ever with the Nemo's presence. Its pleasantly chunky styling, nimble driving experience and surprisingly generous capacities will all help to persuade any doubters. By beefing up the equipment levels and improving efficiency with the option of a sequential manual gearbox and a Stop & Start system, Citroen has merely given the opposition even more to contend with. Underestimate the Nemo at your cost.