Car leasing with insurance


The great thing about leasing a vehicle is that it takes away the hassle of ownership. Road tax is always included in the cost of your arrangement and if you choose a maintenance contract then most of the costs your car could incur will be picked up too. However, vehicle insurance is not usually included, you will need to need to organise this yourself.

As with all other vehicles on the road, if you choose a lease vehicle you will need to ensure that it is correctly insured. It is also important to understand that because ownership of the vehicle is never in your name 3rd party insurance is not sufficient, drivers of leased vehicles must hold fully comprehensive insurance. Once you have ordered your vehicle we will let you know the delivery date and you can then arrange your insurance to commence on that day.

GAP Insurance

If you had an accident then in some cases there could be a shortfall between the cost of repairing damage to your vehicle and the amount your insurance company will pay out. This amount can be covered by a product called GAP insurance. If you'd like to take out this extra form of cover, or would like more information about it just let your account manager know and they will be able to discuss the benefits