The British government has set aside an additional £140 million in funding to help councils repair roads damaged by floods, transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin said.

The government has also increased financial aid for councils looking to repair weather-damaged roads to £80 million. Many areas have been affected by the wettest winter on record - with this in mind the government has also pledged to provide an extra £103.5 million to councils across the UK.

The government said that the £80 million, increased from the previously approved £36.5 million, includes £10 million in additional funding for the roads in Somerset, £30 million for local road flood recovery and £3.5 million of extra funding from the Department for Transport (DfT), as part of the £7 million Department for Communities and Local Government floods recovery package.

The money will add to the nearly £900 million already allocated for road maintenance in 2014, which brings the total amount invested by the government in road infrastructure repairs to more than £1 billion from 2013 to 2014.

The government believes it is important to support businesses and people and this goal is part of a long-term economic plan, says McLoughlin. The additional funding will help make a difference to the millions of people using the roads and to local residents who expect to have smooth and safe journeys, he added.

The extra money will be provided on a formula basis, with the majority of local authorities being able to use the funding as soon as possible and complete the repairs before the summer holidays, McLoughlin concluded.

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