'Don't GO' - Pokemon Go Call To Drivers

There has been calls for motorists to take care and remain vigilant amidst the rolling out of the new smartphone “Pokemon Go” game that has taken iPhone and Android users by storm.

Amidst reports of ‘Pokemon’ trainers getting into several situations where potentially they have had near misses or worse, ended up causing themselves an injury; motorists (funnily enough) have also been asked to avoid chasing ‘Pikachu’ and his friends whilst driving…

For most motorists this should go without saying and in a plea of urgency by the RAC, they have asked motorists to be on their guard against Pokemon™ fans straying off the pavement into oncoming vehicles whilst distractedly immersed within their mobile operated game.

The game has taken the world by storm and although is already hugely popular amongst kids, teenagers and young adults and although encourages users to get out and walk, there is an increased risk of accident due to a loss of concentration.

Our advice is simple, stay as focused as you can be towards dangers such as motor vehicles and cliff edges, take care when out near roads whilst hunting your Charizard or Pikachu and motorists, be aware of anyone running straight out into the road trying to ‘Catch ‘em all’…