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With over 32 years’ experience, we are the experts at finding a flexible solution to meet your car leasing budget. Search below to find the perfect deal at an affordable monthly cost.

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Ford S-MAX Vignale Lease Deals

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Mercedes-Benz EQV Lease Deals

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What style are you looking to drive?

From hatchback to coupe, estate to SUV we have a wide selection of the most popular body types and we can help find the right car for you.

Find the perfect Car

Choose From 36 Makes

We work with virtually every car manufacturer and pride ourselves on maintaining excellent relationships with each of them so that we can get the best possible deals for our customers.

Car leasing made easy

We offer complete flexibility whether that be the length of contract you have your car for, the agreed annual mileage and even the initial payment you make when starting your lease.

Choose your car

Browse Leasing Options’ range of cars to find a brand-new car that is perfect for you. If you find yourself torn between a few different cars, you can use the Leasing Options car leasing comparison tool.

Get a Quote

Once you decide which car you want, you need to decide on some important details that will help us put together a quote for you. Get in touch with one of our expert account managers and they’ll be happy to help.

Apply for Finance

Every car lease is subject to a credit check. If you have bad credit, don’t worry, you may still be able to lease with us. Simply get in touch and we will help you with the finance process.

Arrange Delivery

Once you have had your finance approved. you can order your dream car and finalise all the necessary documents. The final thing to do is to arrange a delivery date that is right for you!

Going green is the future

The UK is at the forefront of the electric revolution and with reports suggesting that 1 in 7 new car sales in 2021 are electric/hybrid it's clear that the demand for these cars is only going to increase.

Leasing Options has an extensive range of Hybrid and Electric cars available to lease - find out more here:

The future is green

Let Leasing Options find the perfect electric/hybrid car for you

Car leasing with Leasing Options

Leasing Options is the UK's leading car leasing company.

Established in 1990, we have now supplied lease vehicles for over 30 years to thousands of satisfied customers across the UK. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and have achieved almost 7,500 'Excellent' 5 Star ratings on independent site Trustpilot from customer reviews.

We have industry-leading deals with many manufacturers that cannot be beaten, so please check out our current special deals that we guarantee can't be beaten. In fact, we're so confident – we even offer a price match promise!

So check out all the special offers we have, and the range of manufacturers that we work with, to bring you the very best vehicle for you, whether it be leasing for cars or vans, petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid.

As accredited leasing brokers in the UK, we work with leading car manufacturers and a number of finance companies, including: ALD Automotive, ARVAL UK, Alphabet, Novuna Vehicle Solutions, Lex Autolease, LeasePlan and Santander amongst others, to get you the best deal on your lease. We are also a proud member of the British Vehicle Leasing and Rental Association (BVRLA).

If you have any questions, whether that be about the benefits of leasing over buying or leasing with insurance, we've compiled a comprehensive range of guides to answer anything and everything surrounding your car lease.

If there are any questions left unanswered, please don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our team of friendly, experienced and professional leasing experts and they will be happy to help.

What is Car Leasing?

Leasing a car works like renting, but for a predetermined period of time. For the duration of the contract, you'll pay a fixed monthly cost. Then, once your contract is up, you can choose whether to lease a new car, extend your current agreement, or simply return the vehicle.

When you lease from us, you don't just receive a brand-new car. In addition to free mainland GB delivery and road tax included, drivers can opt for our comprehensive maintenance or our fully insured package, so you're covered for every eventuality – all in your fixed monthly payments.

If you have not leased a car before and want to find out about the process, read on to learn everything you need to know.

Leasing a vehicle is a great way to drive a brand-new car without having to spend thousands of pounds in one go. It's also a good option if you are looking to avoid the headaches of depreciation and sell-on values later down the line.

For full details – check out our guide on What Is Car Leasing?

How To Lease A Car With Leasing Options?

Getting yourself behind the wheel of your next vehicle should not be stressful. That is why we have a simple leasing process that makes it easy for you to start enjoying your new car in just a few simple steps.

Choose your car.

Browse Leasing Options' range of cars to find a brand-new car that is perfect for you. Make sure to check out our special offers page to make sure you are getting the best leasing deal possible. If you find yourself torn between a few different cars, you can use the Leasing Options car leasing comparison tool to see a side-by-side comparison of the cars you are thinking of choosing.

Get a quote.

Once you have identified the car you want to drive for the next few years, you need to decide on some important details that will help us put together a quote for you. This can be done easily on our site or by getting in touch with one of our expert account managers.

Apply for finance.

Every car lease is subject to a credit check. This is to ensure you can pay for the monthly instalments for the full duration of the contract. If you have bad credit, do not worry, you may still be able to lease with us. Simply get in touch and we will help you with the process of leasing with bad credit.

Sign your contract and decide on a delivery date.

Once the credit check is passed you can order your dream car and finalise all the necessary documents, which your dedicated account manager will help you with if needs be.

The final thing to do is to arrange a delivery date that is right for you, which could be in as little as a couple of weeks!

It could not be easier, and if you want to know more about the process, you can read our comprehensive guide.

Who can lease a car?

One of the fantastic benefits of car/van leasing is that it can be an option for most people.


If you are aged 18 or over and have a full, valid UK driving license you are eligible to apply for a leasing agreement.

Bad Credit

It's important to remember that if you are considering leasing a vehicle, you will need to go through a credit check to demonstrate your ability to afford the finance agreement. Please note – if you have a poor credit history you still may be able to lease a vehicle. Check out our guide on car leasing with bad credit for further information.

Should I lease a car?

There are many reasons why you should consider leasing a car;

Low monthly payments

With leasing, you only pay for the difference between the purchase price and the residual value, so you could afford a more expensive vehicle than you could if you were buying.

A brand-new car of your choice

Drive a brand-new vehicle every few years and get access to regular upgrades. If you are leasing a car in the UK, we have got some of the best deals around, and with our Price Match Promise, we won't be beaten on price.

Lower deposit

Drive away a brand-new vehicle from as little as one monthly rental payment as your initial payment.

Avoid extra costs

If you lease a car with maintenance, you will be covered for routine servicing, repairs and even premium tyres. As part of the agreement, you will also receive glass protection and breakdown cover, with access to a 48-hour relief vehicle if your car can no longer be driven.

MOTs are not required until a vehicle has been on the road for 3 years, so many lease contracts will avoid that expense too. And do not worry about Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax) as the cost is spread across the course of your agreement.

Fixed price

With a lease, everything you pay is agreed upon upfront. At the earliest opportunity, we will tell you exactly how much you need to pay each month. Your monthly costs will not change throughout the duration of your contract.

Don't worry about depreciation

With leasing, the risk associated with depreciation is taken on by the finance company. At the end of your contract, you simply return the vehicle.

Insurance included

Every car requires insurance, and that is no different with leasing. With our Fuel & Go package, you will get an insured car lease.

Hassle-free returns

Enjoy a brand-new vehicle of your choice every few years without needing to think about selling it for a good price.

Popular Car Leasing Questions

PCP vs. leasing - which is better?
Car leasing works by essentially renting a brand-new vehicle for an agreed period, typically between 2-4 years. You pay an initial rental fee and make fixed monthly payments until your lease ends. When your contract finishes, simply return the car. Read more in our complete guide to what is car leasing?
How does leasing a car work?
Leasing a car means you can drive the latest models every few years and return the vehicle when your contract ends. PCP works similarly, except you can buy the car at the end of your agreement. You’ll pay interest on a PCP, plus a balloon payment if you purchase the vehicle.
Is it better to buy or lease a car?
Leasing gives you the benefit of driving a new car without paying an expensive upfront cost. Instead, you’ll make affordable fixed payments while taking advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty, lower maintenance costs and road tax included. But you won’t own the car at the end of the lease. See more about leasing vs. buying.
How much does it cost to lease a car?
You’ll make fixed monthly payments based on the value of your chosen car. Other leasing costs include your initial rental (between 1-12x your monthly payment) and a £238.80 processing fee. Read more about the cost of car leasing.
What are the pros and cons of leasing a car?
The benefits of leasing include the advantage of driving the latest car every 2-4 years, low monthly payments, a manufacturer’s warranty, fewer maintenance costs and no negative equity as you return the car when the contract ends. But you’ll need to keep to an agreed mileage limit and won’t own the car.
What do I need to know when leasing a car?
The most important thing to know is that you’ll be renting a brand-new vehicle of your choice, making fixed monthly payments for 2-4 years. Personal and business leases are both available. You must stick to your agreed mileage limit and keep the car in a good condition that meets the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines.
Do car leases include maintenance and insurance?
Maintenance and insurance can be included in your lease with our leasing with insurance package. This includes breakdown cover, accident management, glass cover, a replacement vehicle, plus routine maintenance and servicing, all part of your monthly payments.
What is Personal Contract Hire (PCH)?
Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is another term for personal car leasing. This is for individuals who want to lease a car on a personal basis. You will pay an initial rental fee and make fixed monthly payments depending on how long you want your lease to last (usually between 2-4 years). When your lease ends, you return the car.

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