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The Seat Leon is offered a rugged overhaul as the X-Perience goes 4-wheel drive, yours to take to the hills on a car leasing deal to make even the Joneses envious.

As part of Seats plans to introduce their SUV range, the Spanish motor company decided to provide a little ruggedness and off-road potential to customers, preparing them for future off-roaders. The vehicle to do this was the Seat Leon, beefed up somewhat, with a raised chassis, rugged looks and well performing 4WD system that allows motorists to taste the potential for go-anywhere driving.

The company has experienced a massive boost over the last few years, producing highly successful vehicles such as the Leon, Ibiza and Altea all proving to be terrific hits amongst younger motorists as well as more mature drivers. Better build quality, greater use of more quality materials and more overall refinement have allowed the Seat brand to blossom, and with great results.

Styling is sharp and detailed, a nice touch that resembles the Skoda Octavia Scout is many respects, sharing more than just looks underneath, with running gear, gearboxes and engines from VW Group's MQB platform. With this to mind, reliability certainly isn't an issue then for the X-Perience.

Boasting the very clever Haldex clutch system combined with the traction control system, the Seat is essentially front wheel drive and in the event that traction is needed, it cleverly redirects 50% of the power to the rear axle and then to which ever wheel needs it the most, giving you the grip and reassurance when you need it.

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