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NISSAN e-NV200 Lease

Displaying their advancement into the realms of electric vehicles (EV's), Nissan's adaptability brings the versatility and flexibility of the NV200 van together with the interior and seating of an MPV, powered by batteries and driven by electric motors - introducing the e-NV200, one of the cleanest MPV's available.

Zero-emissions motoring is bigger than ever now, with many manufacturers producing their own EV's in a bid to promote greener, cleaner motoring across the world. The Nissan e-NV200 brings the practicality of a spacious 5 seater together with efficient electric drivetrains to produce a comfortable, roomy and well-utilised people carrier.

It is currently in a niche of its very own, with looks and an interior that are functional, whether carrying passengers or removing the rear seats to carry cargo. The Nissan e-NV200 presents itself as a highly operable multi-purpose vehicle, taking much from its original roots as a van, including a large boot space of 2,270 litres, with the rear seats in place.

Removing and refitting the rear seat cluster is an easier task than you think, thanks to Nissan's ingenious level of development. Although battery stations are not as frequent along our motorways yet, the move to zero-emissions is fast becoming popular and the range of 106 miles is decent enough for most short to medium journeys.

If you're considering the move to electric, talk to us today about great car leasing deals on the Nissan e-NV200 today.


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