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As AMG is to Mercedes, Alpina is to BMW, producing performance models based on their BMW derivatives, of which are chosen by us for your car leasing needs.

Take an already great car such as 7 Series saloon, then imagine a separate specialist auto designer and manufacturer building a fire breathing engine by hand, sending it to the BMW plant to install on their production line and then having the car sent back to the specialist auto company for their final tweaks...that's where Alpina lie with BMW.

Working closely together both automotive companies have integrated many ideas and merged a host of knowledgeable experience to make great vehicles even better, with the Alpina name being a certified provider of exemplary perfection.

Not just proud to re-engineer parts of the original BMW model, Alpina's knowledge of turbo-charging has seen the development of their Bi-Turbo engines, that produce superior power outputs to offer even faster 0 to 62 times and top speeds.

Available on a car lease or contract hire term of 2 to 4 years and arranged to suit your needs, call our team today for further details on 0161 826 7829.

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