Car leasing with maintenance


What Is Maintenance?

Choose a lease contract with maintenance from Leasing Options and you can look forward to totally hassle free, fixed cost motoring. We can work out an arrangement that's tailored to you, offering peace of mind should anything go wrong with your vehicle.


Why lease your car with a maintenance contract?


Servicing costs

During the length of your contract you will need to service the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and if you choose a non-maintained lease these costs will be yours to bear. Vehicle leasing with maintenance includes all your servicing needs, meaning you won't have to budget for these costs and you can be sure the vehicle will be looked after in line with your agreement.



Depending on your mileage there's a fair chance you will need to replace several tyres within the duration of your lease arrangement. Choose a lease with maintenance and these will all be covered, meaning you will have have your car fitted with premium quality tyres at your convenience, usually within a day of reporting the fault.


Breakdown and assistance

Should you be unlucky enough to suffer a breakdown you can rest assured you'll be covered if you choose a maintenance contract. With a maintained lease you'll have access to 24 hour assistance if you have any difficulties with your vehicle.


Save time and avoid hassle

Choose a vehicle lease with maintenance and any issues with your vehicle will be sorted for you. No more contacting garages to find the best price or earliest slot, all the hard work is done for you. Your dealer's relationship with manufacturers also means your vehicle will be seen quicker, minimising downtime, and where work is required a courtesy car will be provided to keep you on the road.


Cash flow

One of the best things about vehicle leasing with maintenance is that it offers fixed cost motoring. There's nothing worse than having bills build up that you can't pay, unexpected costs can be extremely stressful to deal with, so why not take the risk out of motoring with a fixed monthly payment that covers you for the duration of your contract should anything go wrong.