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How Much Does It Cost To Lease A Jaguar?

Compare the costs of our popular Jaguar cars and find out how you could pay less than £350 to drive a brand new, premium vehicle with Leasing Options

How much is a Jaguar lease?

A Jaguar lease will cost a minimum of around £300 per month, though this can increase to over £1,150 for a truly premium model.

If you want to drive one of these lavish vehicles but aren’t sure which model to pick, we’ve compared the features and costs for you. See our Jaguar price comparison guide below to find the perfect luxury car.

Jaguar lease price comparison

  Under £350 Under £650 Under £950
Model Jaguar XE Saloon Jaguar F-Type Coupe Jaguar XJ Saloon
Trim Level SE 2.0 R-Dynamic 2dr Auto V6 Premium Luxury
Manufacturer Cost £31,245 £51,040 £65,065
Fuel Diesel Petrol Diesel
Tank Size 47 litres 63 litres 77 litres
Engine Size 1.999 litre 1.997 litre 2.993 litre
Cylinders 4 4 6
Top Speed 132 mph 155 mph 155 mph
CO2 Emissions 124 g/km 179 g/km 185 g/km
Miles Per Gallon 60.1 mpg 35.8 mpg 40.4 mpg
Transmission Manual Auto Auto
Gears 6 Speed 8 Speed 8 Speed
Wheel Size 17" alloy 18" alloy 19" alloy
Weight 2100 kg 1925 kg 2400 kg
(H x L x W)
1416 x 4672 x 1967 mm 1311 x 4482 x 1923 mm 1460 x 5130 x 1950 mm
Estimated Annual
Road Tax
£140 £450 £450
Doors 4 2 42
Seats 5 2 5
Standard Equipment Incontrol Remote Premium Tinted Glass Auto Speed Limiter
  Cruise Control 10" Touchscreen 12" Active Tft Display
  Pro Services And Wifi Hotspot Driver Condition Monitor Jaguar Voice Front
  Bluetooth Audio Streaming Overhead Console Approach Illumination
Safety Features Adaptive Speed Limiter Rear View Camera Traffic Sign Recognition
  Auto Emergency Braking Lane Keep Assist Whiplash Protection
  Pedestrian Sensor 6 Airbags Drive Away Door Locking
  Smart Key Start System Valet Mode Auto Emergency Braking
Extra Options Solar Attenuating Windscreen Memory Function Door Mirrors Adaptive Cruise Control With Queue Assist
  Blind Spot Assist Secure Tracker Surround Camera System
  10" Dual View Touchscreen 12 Speaker Surround System Garage Door Opener
  Digital TV Privacy Glass 26 Premium Speaker Sound System

*Price estimates are based on a personal, 4 year lease contract with a 6-month initial rental and an 8,000 annual mileage. Information and costs should be used as a guide only and are subject to change at any time. A sample of standard equipment, safety features and extra options have been selected.

Leasing a Jaguar for under £350 per month

After a recent reboot, the Jaguar XE Saloon SE now comes with a new, sleeker design that will catch the eye of anyone looking for a luxury car.

Though it’s not just the exterior that has undergone a redesign. The cabin feels plusher too and it comes with an exciting amount of technology to match. The Jaguar XE features the likes of cruise control, Bluetooth audio streaming, Jaguar Pro services with a Wi-Fi hotspot, plus their InControl Remote Premium system.

Under the hood you’ll be impressed by the 1.999 litre, 4-cylinder diesel engine, replacing the V6 that previously sat in its place, as well as a 6-speed automatic transmission. The XE can also be pushed up to a 132mph limit, while CO2 emissions are kept relatively low at 124g/km.

Jaguar also delivers in the safety department, with top features including a pedestrian sensor, auto emergency braking, an adaptive speed limiter and a smart key start system all packed in. To add a little more to your driving experience, you can choose extras such as a 10” dual view touchscreen, a digital TV and a solar attenuating window.

As expected, this Jaguar comes with a premium price tag too – over £31,000 if you’re going to pay the RRP. However, you’ll pay less than half of that with a four- year contract at Leasing Options which costs around £310 per month.

Leasing a Jaguar for under £650 per month

The Jaguar F-Type Coupe is the sister to the F-type convertible and is one of the most standout cars on the market. It’s a stunning car that has undergone one or two changes to make it even more appealing to motorists everywhere.

However, as you might realise, with such style and class comes a hefty price tag of over £51,000. Yet with Leasing Options, it could be yours to drive for around £620 a month, making it a far more affordable option.

Inside the Jaguar F-Type, the cabin is sleek and compact, which is to be expected. That said, it’s an extremely comfortable set-up. You can also benefit from the premium equipment included such as tinted glass, a driver condition monitor, a 10” touch screen and an overhead console.

Driving the car offers an exciting experience that allows you to enjoy the power of the F-Type. A top speed of 155mph can be reached, while CO2 emissions are capped at 179g/km. Fuel efficiency supports up to 35.8 miles to the gallon and the tank can hold a maximum of 63 litres at one time. This Jaguar additionally has a 1.997 litre, 4- cylinder petrol engine, with an 8-speed automatic transmission pulling the strings.

Safety features are plentiful too, with a valet mode, 6 airbags, a rear-view camera and lane keep assist available. If you have more to spend, you can check out the extras available, with this Jaguar’s highlights including a secure tracker, memory function door mirrors, privacy glass and a 12 speaker surround system.

Leasing a Jaguar for under £950 per month

For something really special, why not take a look at the Jaguar XJ Saloon V6 Premium Luxury? As Jaguar say themselves, they are known for making ‘fast, beautiful cars’ – and the XJ falls firmly into that territory.

This Jaguar is available to lease for approximately £915 a month but comparing that to the full retail price of over £65,000, it’s easy to see where savings can be made.

The car has undergone a few facelifts over the past five years, but the latest XJ Saloon is our pick of the bunch. It has the look and feel of a truly luxurious car, and once you sit inside, you’ll never want to get out.

The powerful 2.993 litre V6 engine and 8-speed automatic transmission makes this definitely one for real driving enthusiasts who want great control of a vibrant car, with its top speed reaching 155mph. And when it comes to fuel efficiency, you get just over 40 miles to the gallon, with a tank that holds up to 77 litres.

Standard equipment is just as impressive, with a 12” active TFT display, a Jaguar Voice front, an auto speed limiter and approach illumination included as standard. To keep you protected out on the roads, the XJ also features auto emergency braking, a pedestrian sensor, an adaptive speed limiter and a smart key start system.

If you have a little more money in your budget, you can consider adding extras such as a surround camera system, adaptive cruise control with queue assist, a garage door opener and a huge 26 speaker surround sound system

Why should you lease a Jaguar?

Jaguar is a highly distinguished brand known for producing some of the best luxury cars. Not only is the design incredibly eye-catching, but the interiors are immaculate, and each component is made from the highest quality materials.

Jaguar cars epitomise class: if you can drive one from their fabulous range, you really shouldn’t miss out. But instead of buying one outright, leasing a Jaguar offers a more affordable alternative, because you’ll only pay for the time you drive the car.

When your leasing contract comes to an end, you can simply return the car hassle- free, or start another contract. That way, you can drive a brand-new car every few years, so you can keep enjoying the very latest models available.

Find your Jaguar today and get the best price guaranteed with Leasing Options. Or if you want to check out the rest of our luxury vehicles, see the rest of our premium manufacturers available and search for a lease deal now.

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