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How Long Does It Take To Lease a Car?

At Leasing Options, we have great relationships with manufacturers and dealerships, which can speed up your car’s delivery time. Depending on the car’s availability, we can arrange a business lease within 10 working days and a personal lease within three weeks.

There are a number of different factors to take into consideration before a firm delivery date can be provided. To help give you a clearer idea, read our guide on lease delivery times so you know what to expect.

What affects the delivery time of my car?

Once you have chosen your car, there are five factors which will determine how quickly it can be delivered to you:

1. Stock allocation

When the car is ordered, we will either have it in stock, or it will have to be brought from the manufacturing factory.

  • In stock

This means we already have access to the vehicle, and it can be delivered as soon as the paperwork is in order. It is a much shorter process and requires you to simply complete the paperwork. The car can then usually be delivered anywhere within a few weeks. When you search for a lease car, you have the option to choose an in-stock vehicle if you need it quicker.

  • Factory order

If we do not currently have the car you’d like in stock, Leasing Options will go to the manufacturer or main dealer network for you. Although we have a separate allocation from our vehicle manufacturers, this can take anywhere between two weeks to six months. This is exactly the same as it would be if you were sourcing a car through any other method.

2. Model demand

If the car you are leasing is a popular model, there may be a longer wait to have it delivered. In most cases this will be because the manufacturer will be dealing with a backlog of orders. This is particularly true for new models that are due to be released onto the market, with pre-orders sometimes creating long waiting lists.

Before any order is placed, we will give you a rough estimate on how long you may have to wait for the car to be delivered. This gives you an opportunity to decide if you wish to choose another model instead or wait for the car of your dreams!

3. Time of year

At different times of the year, manufacturers will place more of a focus onto certain models to meet their schedules. This is particularly true when a new generation or model is set to be released onto the market. Depending on when the order for your car is placed, this could influence its delivery time.

Some manufacturers also close their factories annually. Although this happens less often nowadays, some manufacturers still close. Once they return, there may be a backlog of orders to process, which can affect delivery times.

4. Factory location

Where the car is produced can also have a big impact on the delivery time. Generally, cars from Europe should arrive quicker than those that are being manufactured in America or Asia. We will advise you during the early stages of the ordering process about this, so you can make an informed decision about how long you wish to wait for the car to be delivered.

5. Delays at port

March and September are generally considered to be peak periods in the motor industry. New number plates are released at these times, which means there can be a high number of cars travelling through the ports into the UK.

Depending on the shipping schedules at the time of the delivery, a car can be held at the port for anywhere up to three weeks. Customs and exercise sometimes perform spot checks on vehicles. This isn’t a regular occurrence, but in the rare cases that it does happen, it can delay delivery.

We know that sometimes you can’t wait for a brand-new car, which is why we regularly invest in a wide variety of vehicles by buying them upfront from the manufacturers. That means you are able to choose from a selection of vehicles that are already in stock, which can greatly speed up the leasing process.

Our dedicated Account Managers will be able to give you an idea of when your lease car will be delivered. Get in touch today to see which vehicles are in stock now.

Don’t forget to see in-stock cars available in our special offers too, so you can find a great deal on a new vehicle that’s ready to be delivered to your door.

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