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11 Most Popular Lease Cars of 2019

Thinking of driving a new car but don’t know which one to pick? If you want a vehicle that is tried, tested and trusted by other drivers, our list of the UK’s most popular lease cars in 2019 can help you make the right choice.

We have put together our top 11 cars which have been leased the most this year. Read on to find out why everyone wants to be in the driver’s seat of these sought-after vehicles.

1. Kia Sportage

Kia hits the perfect sweet spot between affordability and style. The carmaker has risen to prominence over the past five years, largely thanks to the success of the Sportage, which is our most popular lease car.

Not only is it a handsome car to look at, but the Kia Sportage is an absolute pleasure to drive and is built exceptionally well. When you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, you’ll see all the interior features which add a sense of luxury and comfort not easily found elsewhere in its class.

Choose between diesel and petrol engines or opt for the hybrid version for an eco-friendly drive. The Sportage offers a great all-round package and looks set to remain the pick of the bunch for some time yet.

Kia Sportage

2. Seat Leon

The Seat Leon continues from strength to strength, already establishing itself as one of the most popular vehicles this year and second on our list of top lease cars. This hatchback retails at an extremely competitive price and ensures strong performance levels whether it’s used around the city or on the motorway.

Drivers are guaranteed a comfortable drive and great control when taking corners. There’s good visibility at the front and standard features include a five-inch colour touchscreen and Bluetooth. If you want an economic drive, good handling and ample boot space, this Seat is the car you are looking for.

Seat Leon

3. Mercedes-Benz GLA Class

While some call it an SUV, the Mercedes-Benz GLA Class is more like a longer hatchback, offering soft suspension and good levels of ground clearance. Compared to the A Class, the GLA Class offers a softer ride and makes for easy long-distance driving.

As standard, inside the premium interior you will see supple leather, providing the comfort and style you would expect. Families looking for safety options will see it has a 5-star EURO NCAP crash test rating, plus autonomous braking to stop the car before a collision happens. All in all, this Mercedes-Benz is a fantastic car that is hard to beat.

Mercedes-Benz GLA Class

4. Ford Focus

Fourth on our list of popular lease cars is the Ford Focus, and while it goes back to the late ’90s, the recent relaunch of this family hatchback shows there is still a huge demand for it. The redesign has created more space than previous versions and drivers are sure to find it a lot of fun to drive around.

That is part of the reason this Ford appeals to the younger crowd, who will also enjoy the many tech options that come with it. The SYNC infotainment system is one of the standouts, which allows climate control, audio and navigational options to be integrated into the build.

Ford Focus Estate

5. BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is a highly impressive car that offers everything you would expect from BMW: great driving, a superb build, refined luxury and a range of options that are incredibly hard to beat.

No matter how tricky or twisty the road might become, this BMW is able to handle it effortlessly without compromising on comfort. The driving position is near faultless and there is lots of space provided in the back. There’s plenty of tech too, such as the standard iDrive infotainment system which comes with a 10-inch dashboard-mounted screen. It is a high-quality car that is highly desired by drivers everywhere.

5 Series Saloon

6. Mercedes-Benz A Class

The smallest and most compact car in their range, the Mercedes-Benz A Class is also one of their most popular.

As you’d expect with a Mercedes, the interior is immaculate and comes with a near-unbeatable selection of features, including the cutting edge MBUX multimedia system. If that is not enough, you can take advantage of the digital instrument display, in-built air conditioning and cruise control options. The A Class is now in its fourth generation and continues to improve with the introduction of each version.

Mercedes Benz A Class

7. Hyundai Tucson

Number seven on our list of 2019’s most popular cars is the Hyundai Tucson. It has recently been given a facelift for a smarter look, although previous models were never short on style. Included in the new version are more LED lights and improved interior options that make it even more of a delight to drive.

Standard equipment includes dual-zone climate control, rear cameras, plus Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In terms of boot space, it is hard to beat in its class, with plenty of room available to help daily chores and larger luggage when it comes to holidays. This Hyundai ticks all the important boxes you need to make it a must-have for 2019.


8. Mercedes-Benz GLC

Another firm favourite is the Mercedes-Benz GLC, which is based on the C-Class Saloon and exudes all the class you would expect from the Three Pointed Star. It is essentially a coupe with an SUV-style body that features a wonderfully economic engine.

The GLC is a great family car that still retains agility out on the road while providing the space and storage room needed to help with day-to-day practicalities. This Mercedes comes with a handsome man-made leather interior, tinted glass and Garmin Sat Nav all thrown into the package, making it a must-have for any driver.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

9. Nissan Qashqai

As you can see, the Nissan Qashqai looks fantastic and it has the features and driving support to match. It has an iconic style that makes it stand out in the best-possible sense and is responsible for kick-starting the current trend for family-centric SUVs.

This Nissan offers a spacious interior and refined comfort that is second to none. Inside, you will find an integrated Bluetooth communication system, cruise control and a smart, leather steering wheel, making it not hard to see why the Qashqai continues as a popular leasing choice.

10. Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar’s first SUV is simply a great drive that is easy to handle and offers the space that most family cars would die for. On top of that, the F-Pace has a sleek, smooth look, but it is not just the exterior you will want to see.

Complete with handy tech features including Bluetooth, an in-built Wi-Fi hotspot, DAB radio and an eight-inch infotainment system with a very reliable sat nav. This Jaguar has continued to prove why it is one of our most popular lease cars which any driver should consider.

Jaguar F-Pace

11. BMW 4 Series

When your sibling happens to be the BMW 3 Series saloon, then expectations are bound to be high. But the BMW 4 Series is not one to be intimidated and delivers in every department. It has consistently remained one of the most popular cars in its class for the past few years, thanks to the fantastic driving dynamics, delightful interior and world class infotainment.

This BMW has more agility than similar models and superb balance that makes it a charm to drive. With good boot space and the luxury interior you can only expect from BMW, drivers will struggle to find a better car in its class.

BMW 4 Series

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